Elmore County
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In October 2005, my daughter and her cousin bumped heads, this caused my daughter to have a slight concussion. My daughter became dehydrated and began having crisis. The night after she was admitted into the hospital, her eyes crossed and the doctor could not figure out what was wrong so he sent her to Children's Hospital. During her stay, she had a pherisis, different labs, an MRI, X-rays, and different tests ran. We found out that she has a narrowed blood vessel in her brain and she will have to have cronic blood transfusions for probably the rest of her life. Upon arrival home, she had to wear eye patches to straighten her eyes. Since then, her eyes have straightened out, she has been doing fine with her transfusions, she is a straight-A student, a member of the choir, and a cheerleader. She leads a normal life and enjoys being able to enjoy things that normal kids do. Children's Hospital means everything to my family and me. The doctors and nurses are so nice and caring. Dr. Howard and his team did not stop until they found the problems. I am so very thankful for the staff for taking such great care of my child and my family during our stay at Children's. I look forward to each visit because I know that Dr. Howard and his team are always looking for ways to help. During our last visit, he asked if I wanted to have my son tested to see if he and my daughter matched so that my son could be a bone marrow donor for my daughter. I am looking forward to this test because this could be the miracle that I have been praying so long for.