How to Enroll?

How to Enroll for Proxy Access:

Step 1: Provide your email address during your Inpatient visit, registration, or admission process.


Step 2: You will receive the following email from inviting you to create Children’s Health System of Alabama Hospital proxy account. Please make sure to check your spam folder.



Step 3: Select the link in the email to create an account.



Step 4: Click Sign Up and Connect: This will begin the account setup process. Complete the required fields.


**If you already have an account click “Sign in and add this connection” to link your child’s health record to your account**




Step 5: Get Connected: Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the connection This is where you will use the invite code which is your child’s four-digit year of birth. You must accept the Terms of Service screen to complete registration.



Step 6: Congratulations!!! You can now access your child’s medical record online. To view your child’s medical records, go to the top of the screen next to ‘Hello ______’ and select your child’s name from the drop-down box.