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Greenvale Pediatrics: COVID-19 Letter to Patients and Families - Archived

The doctors, nurses, and staff at Greenvale Pediatrics want our Greenvale family to know that we've been thinking about you as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been unfolding.  We know these have been difficult days for you and your family! 

Greenvale is open and we're here and ready to take care of your children! We've been making many adjustments to the ways we run our practice, so that we can most safely provide excellent medical care to our patients. You'll notice these differences from when you call for a visit to when you come into the office. 

For everyone’s safety, we ask that only one caregiver (no other family members, including siblings) bring your child in to see the pediatrician. The nurses and doctors will be wearing masks, and possibly goggles and gowns, as we come to see you/them. Don't be alarmed and please tell your child in advance. 

Our patients in need of well visits with immunizations will be scheduled early in the mornings, and they will be treated in rooms that have been designated for well visits only. Rest assured that we're following expert advice on sanitizing all our patient rooms to keep all of our patients safe. 

We’ve closed our waiting room to sick patients at this time. Therefore, the flow for sick visits at each office varies slightly due to our different building configurations.


When you arrive, please knock and the team will open the door, take your temperature before you come into the office, and then take you to an exam room designated for sick patients for the pediatrician to complete your visit.

Brook Highland
When you arrive, our team will meet you at the front door to gather your check in information. The team will then come to your car to triage you and collect your history, and then your pediatrician will assume care from that point forward outside at your vehicle.


When you arrive, please call our office and check in by phone. The team will then call you to triage you and collect your history, and then your pediatrician will assume care from that point forward, whether that is in one of our exam rooms designated for sick patients or outside at your vehicle. 

If you'd like to speak with your child's pediatrician about a concern regarding your child's health, you may do that by a telehealth visit! This may be by a telephone call or by a video chat. Please note that your insurance determines coverage for these visits and copays may apply. Call our office to leave a message for your doctor's nurse and someone will call to set up the telehealth visit. These kinds of visits can be for anything from feeding problems for your infant to many typical childhood acute problems including injuries, rashes, allergy problems, cold symptoms, and behavioral concerns. We can also address chronic problems with these visits – including ADHD, medication follow ups, and asthma management. Please note that your insurance determines coverage for these visits, and there may be times during your telehealth visit that we may decide together that it would be best to bring in your child for a sick visit. 

Our current plans are constantly being reviewed as the situation continues evolving. Know that plans may change as we discover better methods to provide care for your children. For the most recent updates, please check our Facebook page at 

If you do not have access to our patient portal, please contact our office to begin that process. The portal is a good way for you to access information quickly and safely.  You can request to join our portal by visiting your office’s webpage at 

We at Greenvale are so thankful that you've entrusted your child's care to us - your child’s medical home. We wish you strength and good health during this time. Keeping to a regular schedule, getting outside, eating healthy foods, and connecting with friends and family members through technology can help. 

Please continue following the recommendations for safe social distancing and washing your hands. We know it's working when followed, and that's the quickest way to “flatten the curve” and keep all of our community healthy!

Yours truly,
Greenvale Pediatrics