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"It (the visit) was great. It's never something that is easy to do, but once you get there and we went with -- Brenda and I went with Russ and Jackie Cochran, and Jackie used to be a nurse. We were kind of a little shy and it was kind of quiet. Jackie was just phenomenal. She's got such an outgoing personality and she really got the ball rolling and that kind of loosened up me and Russ and Brenda a little bit. Then we must have seen 10 kids. Some kids didn't say much, and other kids, this one kid was just unbelievably excited, told us we made his day. Most of them were in there for the storm last week, tornado victims. So we saw a little bit of everything. The last little kid, little five-year old boy really kind of moved us. I won't get into the whole story, but Brenda, she kind of lost it and just got all emotional. It's an emotional thing. You feel good after you do it. You know, they kind of gave us a little bit of, or me, a little bit, I thought of that today, a little bit of an attitude boost. You know, it's not so tough out here playing golf when you see what they're going through." - Mark Calcavecchia