Telephone Triage

Telephone Triage manages emergency and after-hour calls for 38 contracted pediatric practices, a total of 143 physicians, as well as calls for the Jefferson County Health Department, Children's Connection Line, and the TCHA ED. Telephone Triage makes the appropriate recommendation for treatment and/or facility based on the severity and acuity of sx relayed by the caller. When appropriate, home care advice is given in accordance with Barton Schmitt protocol. The PMD is provided with a written account of all patient-RN communication via fax. After hour sites are also notified of incoming patients via fax. Telephone Triage serves contracted pediatricians from various areas of Alabama, including Birmingham, Florence, Anniston, Fort Payne, Montgomery and Opelika. Telephone Triage answers an average of 9145 calls per month and is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to answer after hour calls for contracted pediatricians. An average of 50% of calls are managed with home care, 35% are referred to the pediatrician for follow-up the following day, and 15% are referred to after hour sites.