Student Section

In the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Lactation Services at Children's of Alabama we enjoy having college undergraduate and graduate students come to learn more about the field of clinical nutrition and lactation. We provide learning experiences which facilitate a better understanding of pediatric clinical nutrition practice.

The following opportunities are available for students:

  1. Dietetic Internship Rotations
  2. Shadowing

As the number of requests from students has increased in past years, we have developed more specific guidelines for students who desire to complete a learning experience at Children's. We hope this will help clarify some questions that students may have.

Dietetic Internship

Children's of Alabama requires a working contract with a University in order to accept Dietetic Interns. At this time, we are not accepting interns in distance programs.

For those students who have already been assigned a pediatric rotation at Children’s, please contact your program director for rotation information.

Shadowing Opportunities

Limited half-day and full-day shadowing opportunities are available for college students considering a career in the field of clinical nutrition. The purpose of shadowing is to observe the role of the registered dietitian in the clinical setting to gain better understanding of the profession. For shadowing opportunities, please contact Kayla Clary, the Unit Educator for Clinical Nutrition & Lactation at for scheduling and availability.