Occupational therapists at The Children's Hospital provide evaluation and treatment for children with cerebral palsy receiving a selective dorsal rhizotomy.  They work closely with physical therapists and physicians, including neurosurgeons and physiatrists to provide comprehensive and holistic treatment.  Occupational therapists apply a variety of intervention techniques to enhance functional independence of the child with cerebral palsy after a selective dorsal rhizotomy. Once candidacy is determined, a child must have an evaluation by a Physical Therapist and an Occupational Therapist to assess range of motion of joints, strength, spasticity, motor skills, gait, self-care activities, equipment and parent goals for the child.

The goal of occupational therapy is to enhance independence in everyday activities including feeding, dressing, toileting and grooming, as well as improve play skills and performance of daily tasks required at home, school and community. Treatment is designed to address posture and functional movement skills, upper extremity function, fine motor control, eye-hand coordination, visual motor and visual perceptual skills, computer access, cognitive function and activities of daily living. 

Through family education, neuromuscular re-education, funtional movement skills training, splinting/casting, and environmental adaptation, family goals are realized.