Planner Disclosure Information

Planners' and Content Reviewers' Disclosure of Commericl Relationships

Consistent with Children’s of Alabama CME policy, planners for this Grand Rounds are required to disclose to you any economic or other personal interests that create, or may be perceived as creating, a conflict related to the material discussed.  This policy is intended to make participants aware of planners’ interest so they may form their own judgments about the educational material provided.  Full disclosure, including the nature of any planner member’s relationship(s) with commercial interests is listed below.

The following CME Committee Members and Planners of this Activity have nothing to Disclose:
Brad Troxler, MD, CME Chair
Paola Mendoza-Sengco, MD, Grand Rounds Program Director, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
Katherine Busler, MFA, Continuing Medical Resources Supervisor
Amy Richardson, Continuing Medical Education Resources Coordinator

Content review was conducted prior to this presentation and considered compliant by one or more of the following CME Committee Members:

Susan Walley, MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Post CME Chair
Disclosure: Idinex & Atea stocks related to potential Hepatitis C drugs

The following members have no disclosures:

Brad Troxler, MD, CME Chair
Paola Mendoza-Sengco, MD, Grand Rounds Program Director
Stephanie Berger, MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Nefertiti Durant, MD, Adolescent Medicine
Khalilah Brown, MD, JCDH Pediatrics
Krisztina Harsanyi, MD, Neurology
Ann Klasner, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Mary Halsey Maddox, MD, Pediatric Sleep Medicine
Joseph Philips, MD, Neonatology
Sam Strachan, MD, Co-Chief Resident – 2016/2017
Bette Jolly, MSN, RN, Divisional Director, Nursing ED.
Brenda Vason, RN, BSN, CIC, Director, Infection Control/PI/CME