Physical and Occupational Therapy

Both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy services are available to children from birth to 21 years of age on a inpatient and outpatient basis. Both evaluation and treatment procedures are provided by licensed therapists as prescribed by physician.

Occupational Therapy services include evaluation and treatment for feeding and swallowing disorders, fine-motor difficulties including handwriting problems, difficulties with hand and arm function due to movement disorders, and hand injuries/anomalies, Sensory Integration Disorders and difficulties with sensory processing, difficulties with self-care, computer access or other activities of daily living, orthotics for the arm/hand, and adaptations required to compensate for injury or disability.

Physical Therapy services include evaluation and treatment for difficulties with gross motor and functional skills occurring as a result of movement disorders, problems with walking, running or climbing, problems moving from one place to another within the environment, orthotics and prosthetics for legs and feet and equipment needed compensatory to difficulties with movement.

Our philosophy of care is one of collaboration. We work with other departments, professionals and community service providers to coordinate services for children. Family members/caregivers are a vital part of each child's therapy team. Finess and overall health issues are addressed as part of each child's therapy plan of care.

We are located on 4NW in the main hospital and primarily provides services for inpatients. PT/OT 4NW may serve outpatients being seen in other hospital clinics concurrently. Outpatient departments are located at Children's Park Place and Children's South.

The Department of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy provides inpatient and outpatient evaluation and therapy services for children with disabilities and impairments in order to improve their functional abilities in all areas of motor function and activities of daily living.

PT/OT Department 4 NW: 205-638-9645
PT/OT Park Place: 205-638-6289
PT/OT Children's South: 205-638-4819

Remember, you will need a prescription for PT and/or OT from a physician before services can be rendered. Health insurance plans frequently cover PT and OT, but it is always a good idea to check with your insurance company beforehand so you will know if any payment for services would be your responsibility.  Your physician's office should be able to check insurance coverage for you when they refer your child for therapy.