In Case of Fire

In case of fire, save your life. The majority of house fires begin at night while you and your family are fast asleep in bed. The list below offers you many suggestions to "fireproof" your home and family. Please discuss these fire safety tips with all family members and know what to do if a fire breaks out. An ounce of prevention could prevent a fire from taking a life.
  1. Have a designated place outside, away from your home, where all family members know to meet.
  2. Have a smoke alarm.  Test the alarm each week to make sure it is working properly.
  3. If a door is shut, touch the knob.  If it is hot, do not open it.  There is probably a fire on the other side.
  4. Use a rope ladder from your window when the doorway is blocked.
  5. Crawl under smoke.  Oxygen is closer to the floor and it is easier to breate when crawling.
  6. Get everyone out and stay out! Don't go back for a cat, a dog, a teddy bear, silver, clothes, anything!
  7. When you first smell smoke, roll out of bed.  Do not jump up.  You might jump into a cloud of smoke and not be able to breathe.  Borlling out of bed will put you close to the floor where there is oxygen and you can crawl out.
  8. Do not smoke in bed.  Many people doze off and their cigarettes start house fires.
  9. Make sure your chimney is clean.  General rule: Have it cleaned every two years.
  10. Don't start fires in your fireplace with flammable solutions.
  11. Have a glass door and/or wire screen in front of your fireplace.
  12. Always extinguish the fire in your fireplace befoe going to bed at night.
  13. Overnight visitors should be informed of your fire plan.