Occupational Therapists at The Children's Hospital provide evaluation and treatment for children with handwriting problems.  Some children have underlying difficulties such as decreased upper extremity or hand strength, fine motor problems, somatosensory problems, and/or difficulties with eye-hand coordination.

The goal of occupational therapy in the treatment of handwriting problems is to:

  • enhance gross motor skills and balance for background stability
  • improve fine motor skills and hand strength for grasp and dexterity
  • assess and treat visual-motor integration for sensory organization
  • improve overall strength and endurance needed for handwriting tasks required in the pre-school and school environment

Patient and family education is key to the success of this program, as therapists rely on compliance with the home program to build strength, coordination and skill with practice. With thorough evaluation, therapeutic intervention and frequent re-assessment of progress, family/patient goals can be realized.