Conditions Treated

Our case load of approximately 1000 pediatric neurosurgical cases per year allows us to maintain operative expertise, while providing appropriate time to address the needs of each individual child and his/her family.

All aspects of routine and highly specialized pediatric neurosurgery are performed by our team of pediatric neurosurgeons. The following is a partial list in alphabetical order of conditions managed:


Arachnoid cysts

Brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injuries (PDF)

Brain tumors

Chiari Malformations/Syringomyelia

Craniosynostosis (PDF)


  • Vagal nerve stimulators
  • Invasive monitoring and resective surgery
  • Dedicated surgical epilepsy team

Head trauma (PDF)


Moya-moya disease (PDF)



Spina Bifida/myelomeningocele

Klippel-Feil and other spinal deformities

Spinal Trauma

Spinal Tumors

Degenerative diseases of the spine

Tethered spinal cord

Vascular malformations of the brain and spinal cord

Additional sites that may be of interest include:
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Cerebral Palsy Research Network