CME Committee

The CME Program is supported by the Children's of Alabama CME Committee and the Medical Education Resources Department. CME Coordinator is Amy Richardson

Members of the CME Committee are:

Brad Troxler, MD- CME Chair - Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
Paola Mendoza-Sengco, MD, Grand Rounds Program Director - Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
Susan Walley, MD, FAAP- Post CME Chair- Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Stephanie Berger, MD, FAAP, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Nefertiti Durant, MD, Adolescent Medicine
Khalilah Brown, MD, - Jefferson County Department of Health
Krisztina Harsanyi, MD, Neurology
Ann Klasner, MD, MPH - Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Mary Halsey Maddox, MD - Pediatric Sleep Medicine
Joseph Philips, MD - Neonatology
Sam Strachan, MD- Co-Chief Resident 2016-2017
Bette Jolly, MSN, RN - Divisional Director, Nursing Education
Brenda Vason, RN, BSN, CIC - Director, Infection Control & Performance Improvement
Katherine Busler, MFA, - Supervisor, Medical Education Program
Curt Posey, Supervisor, - Bradley Lecture Center
Tiffany Kaczorowski, - Coordinator, Physician Marketing, Corporate Communications & Marketing
Andre Green, - Web Designer/Developer, Corporate Communications & Marketing
Amy Richardson, - Continuing Medical Education Coordinator, Medical Education Resources
Jeff Cobb, - Coordinator, Physician Link
Sara Davies, - Communications Specialist