How to Use Baby STEP®: Baby STEP® is a sickle cell disease specific educational program targeted to teach parents and caretakers of a baby with a sickle cell disease about the problems they may encounter during the first 10 years of life. To use Baby STEP for best benefit do the following:

First, Determine which sickle cell disease the child has. The choices are:

  • Homozygous sickle cell disease or HbSS disease
  • Hemoglobin SC disease or HbSC disease
  • Sickle beta zero thalassemia disease or HbS/β0thal disease
  • Sickle beta plus thalassemia disease or HbS/β+thal disease

Second, Click on the disease you want to teach the child's parents about.

If you are uncertain about the diagnosis you may determine the diagnosis by either: 1) reviewing the latest CYSN note; 2) Calling 866-939-5834 and leave a message for The Hematology Nurse to call; or if the baby is very young or you are uncertain of the specific diagnosis, then click on HbSS and follow HbSS education until the diagnosis is clear.

If the diagnosis is not one offered then consult a hematologist to determine which of the offered diagnoses the patients specific diagnosis is most like. For example, HbSD or HbSE is most similar to HbSC in clinical manifestations while HbSOArab is most like HbSS disease.

Third, when you complete and educational session complete the BABY STEP® encounter Sheet (see below that includes patient's unique identifier (PIN), diagnosis, education session number and attach the pre and post tests) and email to .or FAX to "Attention hematology Nurse" at 205-975-1941.