Community Partnerships

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Every third Monday the BBG horticultural therapist visits the hospital and spends one hour with our psych unit patients and another hour with our inpatients. Every second Wednesday our psych patients visit the BBG and get to work in their enabling garden and tour the gardens. Our psych unit patients are planting container gardens that will be placed on the hospital grounds so our patients can take care of the plants and monitor their growth. Children's promotes Birmingham Botanical Garden events in the hospital. Learn More.

Birmingham Harley Owners Group (HOGS)
The Birmingham HOGS come and visit patients once a month. During each room to room visit they give out stuffed animals and "do-rags". Each November the HOGS organize the Teddy Bear Ride. At this event the bikers ride to the hospital with tons of stuffed animals they have collected and CHS takes these animals and stores them for the HOGS monthly visits. Learn More.

Birmingham Public Library
In August 2007 Children's forged a partnership with the Birmingham Public Library to provide patients with an enchanting story time. Each month a public library storyteller comes to the hospital and entertains patients through this time-honored oral tradition. They tell stories, sing songs, and play instruments for the patients. The Library and Bright House Networks have provided the hospital with DVD's of filmed story times to show in patient rooms on Channel 5 throughout the year. Learn More.

The Birmingham Zoo
Every third Thursday the Zoo brings animals to the main lobby of the hospital for our patients to see. The Zoo offers discounts on passes for our employees. Children's markets all Zoo events in the CHS lobby.
CHS sponsors Boo at the Zoo (BATZ) and provides all of the trick or treat bags for BATZ. CHS also has a booth and distributes glow in the dark band aid dispensers. CHS has an employee candy collection for BATZ and we sell BATZ tickets in the CHS gift shop. CHS also participates in Zoolight Safari. Learn More.

Body Trek
Body Trek is an interactive cooperative educational program of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and CHS. Body Trek travels to elementary schools in and around Jefferson County. Body Trek teaches children from kindergarten to fifth grade about the importance of making healthy choices.Body Trek serves over 6,500 children a year and nurses from the Patient Health and Safety Information Center at CHS provide support for Body Trek.We are currently working on a partnership with the YMCA for Body Trek to visit their inner city summer camps during the month of June.

Central Park Elementary School
Central Park Elementary is Children's adoptive school this year. CHS donated over 100 books to their reading resource classroom. Students will come and take a tour of CHS. Students from Central Park will make Christmas wreaths to hang on patient doors during the holidays. Learn More.

Girls Inc.
Patient Health and Safety Information Center at Children's provides CPR training to Girls Inc. employees and they take their puppet "Kids on the Block" to do puppet shows on issues such as bullying for the girls. Patient Health and Safety Information Center is teaching Safe Sitter classes to the girls at Girls Inc. The CHIPS Center at Children's provides training to Girls Inc. employees on how to identify a child that is being sexually abused and how to handle the situation. We are currently working to create a day for the older girls to come and shadow some of our health care professionals. Dr. Heather Austin with Healthier Weigh at CHS has taught nutrition and healthy eating classes to the girls at Girls Inc. Many of the Girls Inc girls have volunteered to help CHS out at big events and we are working to get the Girls Inc. choir to the hospital to sing and play the piano during the holidays.The girls are going to make Christmas cards for our patients during the holiday season. Learn More.

Junior League of Birmingham
The Junior League of Birmingham and the Patient Health and Safety Information Center at Children's have worked together on projects that include child safety, the Smokehouse, and the car seat program. Over 400 JLB volunteers have been involved with the Center. Through the years, the JLB has provided volunteers for hospital programs such as the Festival of Trees, Polo event, Mercedes Kids Marathon Kick Off, and the CHS Gala. The JLB funded the Sunshine School at CHS for 3 years at $100K a year through the JLB/Beeson Community Grant. The JLB works with the Amelia Center and the CHIPS Center.The JLB has three placements at Children's: Every Moment Matters, Sunshine School, JLB Greeters. Learn More.

Kid One Transport
Kid One transports over 20,000 patients a year and they serve 32 counties in Alabama. Over 40 - 60% of Kid One transports are to Children's Hospital. Learn More.

Literacy Council
Children's has put Literacy Council information on Channel 5.The Literacy Council came and trained our nursing staff about how to recognize when a parent or child cannot read or write. A CHS employee is serving on the Literacy Council Task Force. We have Literacy Council literature in the Patient Health and Safety Information Center. Learn More.

McWane Science Center
McWane donates over 100 free passes to CHS every 6 months for our patients and their families. We market McWane events in the hospital. In 2008 McWane will come to the hospital and do science demonstrations for our patients. McWane brought Bob the Builder to CHS to visit our patients in July and August. Bob spent over an hour at CHS each visit. We are currently working with McWane on their Healthy Café project.This holiday season, our new tree program, Illuminations will be on display at McWane. Learn More.

Samford Phi Mu Sorority
Phi Mu members bring in monthly activities for the Child Life Services Activity Rooms. This is part of their commitment to Children's Hospital through their partnership with Children's Miracle Network. Learn More.

Sidewalk Teen Filmmaking Challenge
This year the Sidewalk Film Festival asked Children's to identify patients to participate in the Teen Film making Challenge. The theme for the Teen Challenge was "Celebrate Diversity." Sidewalk provided a teen mentor to work with our patients to create films.We had 3 patient participants for the inaugural year and hope to increase the number of participants next year.

Our patients had a lot of fun creating their 5 minute films and one patient used her film to create awareness about sickle cell disease and the importance of being a bone marrow donor. She plans to let the Sickle Cell
Foundations in AL, LA, and MS use her film to educate others about the disease.

Our patient films were screened in the hospital's Room of Magic so all of the in patients could see the films either at the premiere or on Channel 5. Sidewalk screened our patient films at McWane during the festival.
Two of patient films received honorable mentions at the Sidewalk Film Festival. Andrew Brown received best costume honorable mention and Megan Smith received best documentary honorable mention. Learn More.

Young Rembrandts
A Young Rembrandts volunteer comes to Children's every Wednesday and spends an hour working with the Sunshine School in the psych unit doing art therapy. Young Rembrandt volunteers also come once a week and do art therapy with our dialysis patients. Young Rembrandts is working with CHS to hang some of our patient art in the hospital. A Young Rembrandt volunteer worked with one of our dialysis patients to create a painting and a drawing for Children's to auction at our Gala. Learn More.

Wood Workers
The wood workers come to the hospital each month and make seasonal shapes, learning boards, and educational puzzles out of wood. They also have wood items for the children to use to make holiday presents with during the holiday season.

Basketball Media Day
Every November various SEC basketball teams and coaches come and visit the patients in the hospital.

Children's Book Donation
The following organizations received books: Children's Pediatrics West Clinic, Children's Greenbelt-Alabaster Clinic, Physicians to Children's in Montgomery, Lower Alabama Pediatrics, Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Selma Pediatrics - All of these clinics are Reach Out and Read Clinics. All of the clinics at Children's received books as did the Patient Health and Safety Information Center, the Amelia Center, and Child Life. Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ronald McDonald House, YMCA Youth Center Library, YWCA, Pathways, Central Park Elem. and Girls, Inc also received books.

Christmas Bag Stuffers
Every Christmas volunteers spend days stuffing Christmas bags for all of the inpatients and their siblings who are in the hospital when Santa visits on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Santa
Every Christmas Eve volunteers donate their time to deliver toys to the patients and their siblings on Christmas Eve.

Disney Fun Flix
Children's has a partnership with Disney Fun Flix which allows the hospital to get Disney's new movie releases to show to our patients in the Room of Magic.

In June 2007 an anonymous donor donated over 4000 children's books and teaching materials to the hospital. The books were all brand new and had never been used. We identified which non-profits in the Birmingham community would benefit the most from receiving the books.